Gun lubricant

210 ml

High performance agent that displaces moisture by 100% and lubricates parts and mechanisms, ensures fault-free operation and significantly prolongs the operation period. Durable invisible nanocoating will reliably protect the gun elements for 1 year at least.

Intended use

For fire-arms (rifled and smoothbore), air, sporting, and paintball guns.

Lubrication of various moving elements of the gun (trigger, return and breech mechanisms), springs and folding parts (butts, spades, magazines). The nanoparticles contained deeply penetrate the structure of the treated surface and create a layer that reduces friction and wear for long. The coating protects against freezing up to - 80°С. It is not harmful for metals, rubber and painted surfaces.
Recommendation for use

MAKE SURE to shake it before use, the nanocoating consolidates within 10 minutes, wipe the excess agent, if required. To achieve maximum protection, wait for 24 hours. It is recommended to apply the agent at t from -20 °С to +35 °С. The agent does not degrade at t from -80 °С to +140 °С. The effective period of the protection is from 1 year after application provided that the storage and use requirements are met.


High-purity mineral oil, anticorrosion additives, antioxidants, paraffin and naphthene hydrocarbons, NANOPROTECH formulation, hydrocarbon propellant.

210 ml
Nominal volume:
150 ml
Item number:
Service and shelf life

Shelf life: 5 years.

Safety measures

Pressure bottle! Do not expose to sunlight and heating up to + 50 °С. Do not keep and spray near open fire or hot items and live instruments. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not open the bottle and do not burn after use. Use in well-ventilated room. In case of eye contact, rinse with water. In case of skin contact, rinse with soapy water. Inflammable! After use or upon expiration of the shelf life, dispose as domestic waste. It does not damage the ozone layer.