for gas burners, 520 ml

All-season aerosol gas. The standard collet valve provides for multiple connection of the bottle. It is intended for the use in portable gas appliances that are fit for the valve standard: gas-stoves, burners, lamps, portable heaters, cutters (blowlamps) and tourist and other equipment. It provides for stable fuel supply.
Areas of application
Recommendation for use

Use the bottle as provided by the operation manual for gas appliances at the temperature from -10°С to +35°С. Prior to mount the bottle, remove its cap. After the use, make sure that the gas appliance is fully cooled down, only then disconnect the bottle.


Propane, butane.

520 ml
Nominal volume:
400 ml
Item number:
Service and shelf life

The warranty shelf life is 5 months from the date of manufacture. Date of manufacture is on the bottle bottom. Keep the product indoors, in dry, well-ventilated room, in the minimum distance of 1 m from heating devices. Store at the temperature from -20 °С to +40 °С. Do not store uncapped!

Safety measures

CAUTION! INFLAMMABLE! PRESSURIZED GAS! Liquefied gas is the inflammable product Pressure bottle! Do not expose to sunlight and heating over +50°С. Do not keep and spray near open fire or hot items and live instruments. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not open the bottle and do not burn after use. Do not expose to impacts and do not drop. Use in well-ventilated room. INFLAMMABLE! Bottle re-charge is prohibited. After use or upon expiration of the shelf life, dispose as domestic waste. It does not damage the ozone layer.